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   Gulan is the pseudonym of a composer from Latvia who creates wide-ranging electronic music - ambient, meditation, space music, instrumental, film music, new age and progressive electronica. His compositions are full of nice sounds and phrases creating cosmic associations. Interesting combinations of synthetic and acoustic sounds and effects, unusual constructions of musical phrases and melodies give to his music its originality and mysteriousness.
   Gulan devoted much time to practical experience of meditation as well as for creating the background music for those activities. Such music is also called ambient or meditation music, the task of which according to Gulan is to help to relax the mind and to plunge into the depths of consciousness. Gulan's music easily performs this task and help people to reach meditative condition-those ambient songs, so abstract and atmospheric, help the mind and body to be relaxed, simply-to be.
   The musician records albums with ambient/meditation/space music separately from all other songs that are made in the new age/instrumental style. Such compositions as Sphere, Altai, Cosmophonia, Amorphous Resonances, Aqua belong to ambient style and they together with many other songs are really appreciated by practitioners of meditation.
   Gulan's music was broadcasted on the Minsk radio program Music of spheres and afterwards also on Los Angeles radio program Alien air music as well as on Rotterdam's TC Spacemusic show, Australian Worldwide Independent Ison Live Radio, AiiRadio (UK) , StillStream live ambient radio, Spirit Within Radio (USA) , ARFM (UK), Happyday New Age Radio (South Korea), American radio show The Cosmic Eye, Toxicant ambient space music radio (USA), SynthHeaven show (Scotland), Terry Hawke spacerock & ambient radio (UK), Inner Space radio in Croatia, Hearts of Space radio show, Ambient Ping radio (Canada), Lounging Sound (USA), EER-music radio (USA), Digitally Imported Radio, CoolStreams internet radio (USA), Danish radio show Electroland ('Elektroland' is broadcasted through more than 15 different radio stations all over Denmark). Lovers of electronic music were greatly impressed by the wonderful sounds of his compositions.
Lately Gulans's music has been airplayed by 450 radio stations all over the world and got a great number of good references.
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